Hypocrisy and the Homesteader’s Guide to Saving the Earth

First things first, a compost bin.  The very weekend we move in I do hope Doug can build me a compost bin.  He makes it with pallets, three open spaces to move the cooking fertilizer through. The thing about apartment living is that it is really difficult to be ecologically friendly.  They don’t recycle in … More Hypocrisy and the Homesteader’s Guide to Saving the Earth

A Daily Meditation

  A daily meditation is a lovely way to begin or end a day.  A time to reflect, think, dream, pray, be.  An idea floated upon me yesterday.  An idea to listen and record a daily message from nature.  We all know that we go too fast in this society.  We have isolated ourselves from … More A Daily Meditation

Walking the Labyrinth

lab·y·rinth ˈlab(ə)ˌrinTH/ noun noun: labyrinth; plural noun: labyrinths 1. a complicated irregular network of passages or paths in which it is difficult to find one’s way; a maze. “a labyrinth of passages and secret chambers” synonyms: maze, warren, network, complex, web, entanglement “a labyrinth of little streets” 2. Anatomy a complex structure in the inner … More Walking the Labyrinth

Under Streetlamps

It was his last day closing.  It was such a lovely night he opted to walk.  “I’ll meet you half way,” I replied. I stopped at the bridge that passed over the bike trail and stream and looked over trying to glimpse ducks swimming in the moonlight.  The city stars shone overhead.  I was warm in … More Under Streetlamps