Farmgirl Chic

Farmgirl fashions have not changed much in the past couple hundred years.  Maybe our bloomers and corsets have been replaced with Victoria Secrets (a farmgirl has to feel a little sexy while shoveling manure) but the outer layers remain the same.  Such practical clothing has endured for a reason.  Now, many farmgirls I know do wear jeans.  I am five foot ten and a hundred fifteen pounds.  They don’t make jeans for me.  If the legs are long enough they figure I must larger so the crotch hangs down to my knees.  If the waist fits then I have high waters … Continue reading Farmgirl Chic

Farmgirl Aprons

Out of all the fascinating literature and school work that my seventh grade teacher taught, the one thing I remember her saying is, “One day, when you are in your late thirties you will stop worrying about what other people think about you.”  This was in response to our incessant trying to keep up on fashion and with the other students.  The nervous, pre-teens giggled, scoffed and wiggled in their seats and shook their heads sure that wouldn’t happen.  I remember thinking, “I can’t wait for that.”  I was quite doubtful, however. Well, sure enough, late thirties, and I couldn’t care … Continue reading Farmgirl Aprons