Farmgirl Accessory

I knew my life had changed when I asked for a pocket knife.  Not even when I lived in seedy apartments in west Denver with its cacophony of gunshots each night did I desire a pocket knife.  The past two houses/gardens I just carried a kitchen knife around to open bags of soil, finding lost knives in the garden several months later.  And here at this mini-farm there is likely a kitchen knife in the garden somewhere.  But, when it seemed that the kitchen knife wasn’t cutting it (haha…cutting it!), I decided to ask for a pocket knife for Christmas.  … Continue reading Farmgirl Accessory

Becoming the Farm Paparazzi (and who won the award)

It probably makes Doug happy that our anniversary is a week after Valentine’s Day because he is let off the hook for pricey Valentine’s gifts…just flowers and a sweet card will do!  I bought him a nice bottle of rum and a card.  Flowers might have been lost on him.  But for our anniversary we exchange something lovely.  Like turquoise oftentimes.  Cause Mama loves a little turquoise! And since that costs considerably less than a diamond, I am thinking Doug is a lucky husband to have it so easy!  This year, however, my jewelery box literally overflows.  I am a spoiled woman … Continue reading Becoming the Farm Paparazzi (and who won the award)