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What If? (a birthday pondering)

DSC_6435My birthday is Saturday.  The years fly by in the breeze faster than I can blink but I am grateful for each and every year that I get to celebrate being on this beautiful earth.

New Year’s makes me ponder how I can do things better and makes me set lofty financial and personal goals.  Autumn makes me rethink what I need and what I don’t need.  It is a cleansing of sorts.  My birthday makes me think of ways that I can live.  How can I take in each day more deeply?  How I can be more present and more compassionate and more alive?  It makes me think…what if?

What if I stopped making a to-do list?  Would anything actually get done?  Instead of cramming sixty-two things into one day, what if each thing was done as I thought of them.

What if I stopped counting every penny?  Would money begin to flow in after I loosened my grip on worry?

What if I stopped circling back every time I began to move forward in my work?  Can I let go?

What if I got a Buddhist hair cut?  Would people think I was sick?  Or ugly?  What if it didn’t matter?  What if I released my appearance and symbolically started anew on my journey?  How fun would that be to not do my hair.  Or to not have a headache every night from hair ties?

Why is cutting my hair or releasing worry or moving forward or not having a to-do list so monumental?

What if I took more time to do yoga and to sit in coffee shops writing or got a bicycle and rode around town?  What if I spent more time in the garden or with my children or reading?  What if I had tea time every day at 4?  What if I cut my hair?

Maybe this is the year of boldness.

Of courage.  Of peace.

of living.

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An Ordinary Day on the Farm

A new day.  I breathe in the fresh air with thanksgiving.

Photo by Emily Sanders
Photo by Emily Sanders

Today’s to-do list:

Pick up granddaughter so she can play at Grammie and Papa’s house while Mama is at work.

Dig big holes in four places and plant fruit trees.

Check on seedlings.  Move larger pots if they are not getting enough sun.

Remove debris from garden.  Five young volunteers are coming Saturday to help me design garden beds.

Bottle feed lambs three times today.  Rough work.

Take goats for a walk.

Spend time with my daughter, Shyanne, who has just moved back home.  It is delightful to have her here.

Reminisce a bit and light a candle for my best friend, Nancy, that died a year ago today.

Embrace the sunshine.

Mail my book to the person that ordered it.

Play with kittens.

Kiss my husband.

I love this lifestyle!


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In Season


Between learning how to spin, how to knit, how to make soap, how to play fiddle and continuing all the other things I can do like crocheting, sewing, coming up with business ideas, cooking, baking, and attempting to be Susie Homesteader of the Year, I am exhausted!  I sit and look at the baby now.  Spend hours reading and thinking about what I should be doing right this very minute but alas, no motivation.  I want to plan my garden but don’t know where my garden will be.  I want to get things ready for the farmer’s market early, but I am too busy looking at the new baby.  I have actually been perusing sites pricing out washers. *gasp*

k5511046 (Not my farm, one I borrowed off the internet.  Lovely, isn’t it?)

And then I realize, this is my body giving me a time out.  We are leaving behind the skill learning, trying to keep warm, time of winter and are about to embark on the craziness of Spring, Summer, and Autumn before we get to rest again!  I am just taking it easy before the whirlwind of being a farmer.  Which this year, I perhaps will actually be.  I really want to spin.  I want to practice.  After how much money I spent, Doug really wants me to practice!  But I feel like spinning is for January in front of the wood stove watching the snow fall.  So, while I was sitting doing nothing I came up with this list for what feels natural depending on the time of year.



Farmer’s markets


Drying food

(Why on paper does summer look like the easiest season?  Holy smokes, it is a fast paced, never stopping season!)





Weather proofing

Wine and Cider

Stock up on wood and kerosene

Stock  up on food staples

Harvest honey






Plan for next season’s garden

Make soap


Shearing animals


Can staples before kitchen gets too hot

Farm clean-up

Spring cleaning

Make goals for farm season

Start seeds indoors

Clean out coops and animal enclosures

Maple sugaring

Sew new sundresses and aprons

I can’t really do most of this because I don’t have a farm…yet.  Remember this is the adventures of an ex-city girl becoming a farmgirl.  I need to be getting out the new spiral notebook I bought to record garden happenings and seed selection and start plotting.