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Change Your Perspective (Your Best Life, Day 5)

It does seem that our refrigerator always goes out shortly after we move into a new place. So, there we were at Lowe’s last night picking out a refrigerator. I was telling the sales associate that I will never move again! “You know how we always say that?” I laughed, and looked at him.

“No, ma’am, I have never had the privilege.”

The longer we were with him, the more it became apparent that this gentleman may very well be homeless. And there I was lamenting prices of refrigerators and going on about how hard it is to move! Poor me, huh?

It is all in our way of thinking. It’s all in your perspective. Change your perspective, change your life. You can notice all the things wrong with the place you live, or notice all the wonderful things. You can notice all the things you hate about your job, or you can appreciate the work. Two years ago when Doug struggled to find a job because he had been out of work for so long farming, we realized what a privilege it is to have work.

There is a story, that I believe was true, about a woman who became stuck in a walk-in freezer. She was found dead the next day, in a position where it was apparent that she had frozen. Except, the freezer wasn’t on.

Our minds are powerful in making us believe things. If you own illnesses, my cancer, my arthritis, my diabetes, then you have made up your mind that they are apart of you and will never be healed. I am healthy. I am getting stronger. I am thankful that my body gets me up each day! are much more powerful and life changing statements. (Not to mention you might start following day 2 and 3 of this series and heal them up!)

If you start looking around and thinking about all the things you despise about this neighborhood and this house and this job and these people, it will fester, and you will only be able to see more of the negative. It seems it is a natural response for humans to connect by means of sympathy. Notice how you speak. You will notice that most people (I catch myself as well.) will answer a question with a positive and then quickly add a negative. The drive was fine, but the traffic! Oy.

Change your perspective, change your life. This is a powerful way to live your best life.

Today, try and speak only positive words and statements. Gratitude changes everything.

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A Daily Meditation


img_5801A daily meditation is a lovely way to begin or end a day.  A time to reflect, think, dream, pray, be.  An idea floated upon me yesterday.  An idea to listen and record a daily message from nature.  We all know that we go too fast in this society.  We have isolated ourselves from the things that enchant and feed our life force.  We desperately try to connect but get a busy signal.

I am among the most guilty of this.  I despise sitting for a long period of time though I do dream of great books and cups of tea and long walks.  But from sun up to sun down I busy myself to the point of frenzy.  My body yells for rest now.  It used to whisper, now it demands.  Fatigue hits me with a powerful force mid-afternoon.  I get the subtle and not-so-subtle messages my body and weary spirit are telling me.  Slow down.  Breathe.  Listen.  There is much to learn still.

So each day I will be out in nature, even if that means walking along the pavement, and will listen and record what I am being told.  Plenty of photographs and symbolism will intertwine with the daily meditations I write.  These will all be recorded on my other blog, Medicine Wolf.  I will still be writing this blog daily with all of the fun, recipes, homesteading, farming, herbal remedies, and stories you have grown to love.  But, then maybe hop over to Medicine Wolf and sign up for a daily email with insights and wisdom from nature.  Let’s all become students of nature and Spirit.  (Click on the name Medicine Wolf to be taken over to the other page.)

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Setting Yourself Free (Part 3- Clearing the Mind to Find Freedom)

Part of what keeps us trapped is our own minds.  Especially in our society, the urge to go-go-go and our tendencies to take on so much is detrimental to our peace of mind and our inner freedom.  We are experts at multi-tasking, multiple jobs, multiple roles, and our minds are filled constantly with conversations, to-do lists, worries, excitements, and daydreams.  Meditating is a way to quiet everything down.


Meditation is simply sitting still and quieting the mind.  This can be anywhere, though I find it very peaceful in nature.  Sometimes my bedroom with the door closed is the best I can get.  It can be sitting cross legged on the floor or sitting still in a chair.  Getting your mind to slow down is a whole other battle.  Images and other subjects try to race around causing chaos.

Now, for just a few minutes a day, seriously, I think I meditate for two, sit still and release.  Fill your lungs completely, through your diaphragm for four seconds, hold for four seconds, release for four seconds.  You don’t have to count, just make sure you are breathing!  Focus on a word.  See that word in your mind.  Each day I focus on a word like LOVE, or PEACE, or JOY, or ACCEPTANCE, FAITH, or HOPE.  Just look at that word sitting there.  If you start to wander off mentally, just come back and look at that word.  You will find a surge of light come through you, an exhale, a breath of freedom, and you will find that word.  Whether it be love, or joy, or another of your choice.

I like to do this after I have done my 20 minutes of yoga so that I feel strong mentally and physically for the day.

Each day I have a herbal spirit tea after meditating.  Herbs are not just for physical healing, they are for spiritual and mental healing as well.  Tomorrow I will fill you in and give you some recipes.  In the meantime, enjoy your releasing.  I hope you are embracing happiness, your body and the strength it holds, and now peace of mind and clarity.  You will be surprised what simple answers come to you after even a few minutes of meditation.