A Thanksgiving Tale

The hazy golden dusk illuminated the sky behind their silhouettes in the cool evening air.  The cars stopped and the elegant family of deer crossed.  The leader had a staggering limp.  Yet the two does stayed at her flank and did not attempt to cross quickly or ahead of her.  The large buck, his antlers glorious … More A Thanksgiving Tale

Before You Give to a Charity (really helping those in need)

‘Tis the time of year for charities.  To give to those less fortunate.  To share some of our blessings. We often gave money to organizations that helped the homeless.  Then we became homeless ourselves after losing our rented farm.  We opted not to go on welfare, but rather to work very hard to get jobs … More Before You Give to a Charity (really helping those in need)

Redecorating for the Season (easy tricks for a beautiful home)

In the winter I was experimenting with how to set up our new house.  An art and writing area, a music and reading area, and a sitting area took up separate sections of the old living room.  Then my classes started and I needed to be able to seat ten people comfortably and have a … More Redecorating for the Season (easy tricks for a beautiful home)

Recipes Made Better

A swirl of truffle oil or walnut oil on green beans is really quite nice.  Some toasted slivered almonds or walnuts dressed with truffle salt is delicious.  And a bit of blue cheese and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar  elevates the green bean casserole from cream of something to fresh amazing. Recipes are developed to appeal to the … More Recipes Made Better

A New Mexican Brunch

A New Mexican Thanksgiving Brunch Menu Mimi’s Egg Soufflé with Green Chilies Fruit Cocktail Cinnamon Rolls Creamed Corn Pinon Coffee Egg Nog Orange Juice I decided to ask my mother in law for her recipe for egg soufflé.  It is the staple for Hanukah and also for the breaking of the fast at Yom Kippur at her … More A New Mexican Brunch