Thankfulness and Determination

  Thanksgiving.  I am thankful.  I am thankful for the soft, plush fur of my purring kitten that greets me each morning at dawn.  The pink glow of day through the trees as I awake.  The hot coffee, its earthy aroma and taste, filling me with life.  I am thankful and say “wado” do the Creator each day. “It’s just material stuff.  You can’t take it with you!” folks say, then go to their warm homes and kitchens.  Easy for them to say. I know friends and family that have lost children, spouses, their health.  They would rather have our … Continue reading Thankfulness and Determination

‘Tis Thanksgiving Eve

‘Tis Thanksgiving eve a prayer hushes over the land of grateful hearts for harvest so full such bounty in our lives and hand.   We bow our heads in repose to give sweet thanks for blessings abound for those before us that bowed their heads their new lives on this prairie found.   A feast to eat before us everywhere in the wild to be found our little cottage so filled with love warm sun setting without a sound.   We will be thankful and not want so easy to wish for something more we could be unloved, hungry and cold and sleeping on a … Continue reading ‘Tis Thanksgiving Eve