Creating a Three Sisters Garden (anywhere)

I am the self proclaimed queen of putting in a garden anywhere.  At our last house the sandy, gravelly, ant hill of a driveway became a lush corn field and herb spiral.  The front yard became a three sisters garden.  The side yard held myriads of delicious orbs and buckets held treasures of vegetables as well.  Here at our new rented farm we didn’t have a place to put the pumpkin patch.  Lordy, how can we be Pumpkin Hollow Farm without pumpkins?  There is a 650 square foot garden fenced in for all of our seeds to set up shop.  … Continue reading Creating a Three Sisters Garden (anywhere)

The Root Cellar has Legs!

There is something going on in my root cellar…growing rather.  I was casually going to get a potato that I so lovingly stored last fall, out of the five gallon bucket that held them nestled in soft straw….I opened the lid and that came out!  All I wanted was some nice fried potatoes with green peppers and onions, their mouth watering scent waking up the house…but I got some kind of sea monster instead. Now, this could be my fault (it rarely is), for I probably should not have skimmed the book on root cellaring.  I started out reading it but as … Continue reading The Root Cellar has Legs!