Visiting Small Towns (a fun day away just down the road)

We meandered through jewelry and antique stores.  We stopped for a cup of coffee.  We walked through art galleries and stared in awe at the buildings.  We walked hand-in-hand idly down the sidewalks.  We stopped and talked to a grandmother who has lived in Trinidad her whole life and listened as she recalled memories. They don’t build … More Visiting Small Towns (a fun day away just down the road)

Walking the Labyrinth

lab·y·rinth ˈlab(ə)ˌrinTH/ noun noun: labyrinth; plural noun: labyrinths 1. a complicated irregular network of passages or paths in which it is difficult to find one’s way; a maze. “a labyrinth of passages and secret chambers” synonyms: maze, warren, network, complex, web, entanglement “a labyrinth of little streets” 2. Anatomy a complex structure in the inner … More Walking the Labyrinth

Keys to our Shop

We got the keys to our new store yesterday afternoon. A new apartment in the country, a new shop in town, family and friends close by. Happy Autumn!  Time for pumpkins and Halloween costumes.  And new shops to open.  New beginnings and lots of good memories!