Lessons From a Homestead

  1. Thou shall not procrastinate. It was such a lovely day Tuesday that at the end of the day, with the clothes lines weighed down with garments still barely damp, I thought, ‘Oh I’ll just get them in the morning.’  And then we woke to this.  Whoops.  The clothes on the line were rows of wintery mass, crystals of ice surrounding each thread. Just like with bringing in clothes before a new cold front hits, we must also make sure to harvest when crops are ready, preserve when bounty comes in, get wood and hay stockpiled before winter, get seeds ordered … Continue reading Lessons From a Homestead

Ten Reasons to Run Away to the Country

1. There is nothing cuter than after yelling, “Where my chickies at?” an entire flock of girls, petticoats flouncing, running to you who then procede to follow you wherever you go.  (Laverne and Ethel) 2. Upon taking a deep breath in one does not choke on pollution.  Breathe often. 3. Having a garden large enough to try many different heirloom seeds and the ability to grow one’s own food. 4. Neighbors mind their own business and home owners associations and all their power trips are non-existent. 5. Stars…so bright and beautiful you are forced to stop and gasp and breathe and be.  (Full … Continue reading Ten Reasons to Run Away to the Country

Oil Lamps and Sleepy Tea

My friend, Faleena, and I had just discovered that we both shared a love for homesteading and a desire to live with less electricity use.  We both love and have oil lamps that we use in the evenings.  We also joked that we had to turn on the overhead lights in order to find the lamps and the matches! That was over a year ago and we have definitely made vast improvements on our homesteading goals and achievements.  I no longer have to turn on the lights to light the oil lamps!  At dusk each evening we go around the … Continue reading Oil Lamps and Sleepy Tea

Wishing You A Simple Life!

  (The pictures denote simple things you can do for cheap…You can play at a petting zoo!) From my first modeling contract twenty years ago, to expanding my dance company to two sites and eventually closing it a few years later from exhaustion (not really good at delegating, I taught every single class!), I was always trying to get more, get more, when we catch up we can slow down….you’ve probably said it yourself.   (Go for a walk or nice hike) We made such a drastic change that we still get confused looks from friends and family about why … Continue reading Wishing You A Simple Life!