The Snobby Homesteader’s Wine (boxed and oddly delicious)

I do enjoy a glass of wine at dinner.  Sitting in the restaurant that my daughter, Emily, works at enjoying a small pizza and the house wine is enjoyable to me.  I told one of my friends who was there that the wine wasn’t the best, most award winning, but it was quite good, and really quite excellent with food.  I have a reputation for being a wine snob.  I am not proud of this, but I also am not drinking the mass produced style wines.  Concannon or Mondavi?  I’ll pass. I wasn’t always this way.  I didn’t start drinking any type of … Continue reading The Snobby Homesteader’s Wine (boxed and oddly delicious)

Wine Puzzles

Shyanne’s boyfriend gaped at the gigantic box sitting open on the dining room table.  “They deliver a whole box of wines to your house?”  “Just twelve bottles,” I said sheepishly, feeling a bit like a lush.  Then I got my head together and said, “It’s three months worth!”  It really is.  Unless I take bottles to friend’s houses for dinner or give them as gifts.  I look at the dwindling supply in the root cellar then log on to my wine club website and see when the next shipment is coming!  It should actually ship today.  For just a little over thirteen … Continue reading Wine Puzzles

The Entertaining Farmgirl

People often think of homesteaders as those who go out and survive on their own away from society and civilization.  Most homesteaders know that one cannot become a hermit.  A better term than “self sufficient” would be “community sufficient”.  I could not possibly make and provide everything my family needs.  So, I depend on Miller Farms to help me out when I fall a little short on my gardening goals.  When I need goat cheese for a recipe (like the one  below) I call on Nancy who has goats.  When she needs herbal medicines, she calls on me even though she … Continue reading The Entertaining Farmgirl