What to Plant Now (4 weeks before last frost. Hallelujah!)

It’s approximately four weeks before the last frost date.  As I sit here rather cold this morning again, I am sure post-frost date is going to feel pretty darn good. I used to plant everything May 12th.  Which of course endured one last frost.  I planted all the seeds for cold crops and summer crops.  … More What to Plant Now (4 weeks before last frost. Hallelujah!)

Potato Insurance

Remember when I went downstairs to get potatoes from the root cellar and the roots were so long the whole thing looked like a monster from the deep?  Eek!  (If not, here is the post.  It’s rather scary.)  I did remember, though, that the year before that I had simply put the potatoes in a … More Potato Insurance

Early Crops for Spring

“Take me home, country roads, to the place…I belooongg!”  I was belting out my favorite John Denver song while tilling the sweet ground.  The few inches of leaves (from my neighbor’s trash last fall) and compost that I put on before the fierce winter weather did the ground good.  It is dark and fragrant.  The … More Early Crops for Spring