Romanticizing the Rooster

He is a symbol.  The voice is symbolic to me. He is the ambassador to the farm.

Growing  up in the city, as children our own only knowledge of him was in pre-school songs and storybooks. In movies set on a farm.  In fine art depicting rural and culinary arts.  He is inextricably linked to farm life.


Bad boys come with an image, even if they aren’t all bad.

Doug told me in no uncertain terms early on in this journey, “No roosters, they will wake me up!”  You can have hens in many cities, but no roosters.  Rumor #1 They are too loud. (And Chihuahuas aren’t?)  His voice sooths me.  I hear him in the morning from the chicken coop singing to the ladies.  More of a wah-wah-wah-wa-waaaahhhh.  Doo wop style.  His song becomes part of the back ground.  The neighbors from inside their houses can barely hear him.  He is greeting the day.  A prayer of sorts.


Rumor #2 They are aggressive and will attack you, talons flying, Bruce Lee style.  Roosters are the protector of the flock.  The bodyguard.  Sometimes they get mixed up and think you want to eat Henrietta.  My rooster is quite docile.  I can’t go up to him and snuggle him but he has not turned on us at all.  He knows we are giving him food.  If a rooster does becomes vicious, then he becomes sustenance.  But, should he behave himself (which is often the case) he will warn the flock about predators, shoo the girls under bushes to protect them from hawks.  He will throw himself in the way of a coyote so that the girls have time to escape.  This is a chivalrous dude and a there is a real place for him in a back yard flock.  SAM_0807

Rumor #3 (Okay, not rumor) Roosters are a tad frisky, but as long as you keep an eye on the ladies for cuts or anything, you might just end up with baby chicks come spring.  Teenaged boys are a bit frisky too, but we don’t ban them!

There are more pros to having roosters than cons in my humble opinion.  He is symbolism to me.  He is the ambassador to the farm, the beautiful early morning operatic voice welcoming the day, the dawn, reminding me where I am.  On a farm.  I have arrived.  Rooster in tow.