Creative Ways to Cook With A Lot More Vegetables

There is something about the various colors of vegetables that I find so beautiful.  Artists for centuries have been painting their curves, their textures, their light.  Vegetables are among the most appealing sights to me.  It fuels my gardening.  It fuels my diet. I am still surprised when people tell me that they, or their … More Creative Ways to Cook With A Lot More Vegetables

Meandering Paths (shunning straight rows)

I have visions of meandering paths.  Perennials interspersed with annuals.  Gardens in themes.  Soft grass (or mowed weeds) in the path.  Maybe wood chips.  Maybe pea gravel.  I want to walk upon something soft.  My granddaughter never wears shoes, what would she love to walk on? Hills and secret benches for pondering butterflies.  A pond … More Meandering Paths (shunning straight rows)