Funny Stuff!

Emily delivered early.  The temperatures outdoors well into the sixties.  The next day a snow and ice storm shut down our town.  We were snug inside the hospital so we had Doug’s birthday party in the room.  Just Emily, Bret, me and Maryjane with Papa and a few stuffed animals.  The next day was bright and sunny as they wheeled Emily out and the new baby was placed snug in her car seat.  The only remembrance of the storm on the way home were the trees slathered in snow on only one side. The grandparents are all waiting in the hall for the baby … Continue reading Funny Stuff!

And A Child Was Born

Thick flakes of creamy white snow dance past the hospital window, the world anew.  Where all strength seemed to be gone, in the depths of her soul she found one last push.  Hours of standing next to her holding her hand, holding my breath while she held hers for every push.  Prayers muttered silently near constant.  Twenty-nine hours later the most beautiful child was born.  Maryjane Rose, 4 lbs 12 oz, 19 in, cute as a button. To see pictures from the shower last Saturday- Thanks Brandon for the great pictures!  The shower wasn’t a moment too soon! Happy Birthday Papa!  … Continue reading And A Child Was Born

Becoming the Farm Paparazzi (and who won the award)

It probably makes Doug happy that our anniversary is a week after Valentine’s Day because he is let off the hook for pricey Valentine’s gifts…just flowers and a sweet card will do!  I bought him a nice bottle of rum and a card.  Flowers might have been lost on him.  But for our anniversary we exchange something lovely.  Like turquoise oftentimes.  Cause Mama loves a little turquoise! And since that costs considerably less than a diamond, I am thinking Doug is a lucky husband to have it so easy!  This year, however, my jewelery box literally overflows.  I am a spoiled woman … Continue reading Becoming the Farm Paparazzi (and who won the award)

Hoodies, Grandbaby, and the Quiet Christmas

This year is quiet.  We are in a transition phase.  The kids are rarely home and at times it feels like we are empty nesters until we come home to see the house a mess and remember we aren’t!  I have a feeling the kids don’t want to be around us much anymore so we are not visiting Santa or seeing the Zoo Lights, or any other Christmas adventure.  The kids are, alas, grown up or very nearly there!  At nineteen, sixteen, and fifteen, they do expect Santa to still bring them rather large gifts, however!  This whole time gives me a … Continue reading Hoodies, Grandbaby, and the Quiet Christmas