A Night at Karaoke

The restaurant is dimly lit with people relaxing around the bar and round tables holding drinks and talking to folks around them.  We are at Bistro Al Vino’s on Parker and Orchard.  They boast an impressive wine list and delicious food.  A glass of J.Lohr Syrah and I am ready.  We are waiting for Avery. So are most of the other people in the place.  Karaoke is starting soon.  The stage is lit with dozens of spotlights.  The microphone is erected and the sound is checked in the speakers.  The chatter rises above the sound.  Most of the people are familiar.  Most … Continue reading A Night at Karaoke

Firewood, Trucks, and Guitars

Just a few homesteader necessities!  When Doug’s sister said that her beautiful crab apple tree had finally fallen over due to a storm we didn’t waste time getting down there to retrieve the wood!  Wood is necessary on a homestead with wood stoves. This year we would like to not use the propane (hello heart attack when you see the bill and it doesn’t even heat the room) and not freeze our booties off. Now in order to get the wood we needed a truck.  We gave our truck to Emily and thought we could go without one.  You should … Continue reading Firewood, Trucks, and Guitars

Music Returns to the Homestead

I received something for my birthday today that I have wanted for some time.. music. When we downsized to this little homestead I sold the piano, the violin, and the mandolin.  Andy took his electric guitar, his acoustic guitar, his banjo, and the harmonica.  It was terrible. Now, mind you, I probably would not have set down to play the piano since we moved in, nor would I have had it tuned.  The violin hurt my shoulder, and Doug was never really into the mandolin.  The children moved out and took their music with them leaving our home very quiet … Continue reading Music Returns to the Homestead