The New Farm (starting from scratch)

I always have good intentions.  I spent the winter learning everything I could about Permaculture and how to incorporate it into our new farm.  I was on fire about it!  The inner garden we did not dig.  We piled on six inches of straw.  To plant I opened up part of the straw along rows to fill in with organic garden soil and plant in that.  The beds will stay well mulched.  The new garden soil will be covered around the plants as soon as they are up and strong.  Eventually the whole garden will settle in and each year we … Continue reading The New Farm (starting from scratch)

Empowering Young Farmers and Humbling the Farmer (and how to design garden beds)

I received a message wondering if I could use the help of twenty girl scouts.  The farm they were supposed to help out decided they didn’t need volunteers.  Not only can I use volunteers, but I always jump at the opportunity to reach out to kids.  It is staggering to me the minute amount of people who have chosen to grow food and the even smaller amount of women that have opted for this job.  I don’t remember in school it even being an option.  I was told I could be anything I want, a stay at home mom, a … Continue reading Empowering Young Farmers and Humbling the Farmer (and how to design garden beds)

Mulching Clothes

I don’t like to waste.  Sometimes I get very overwhelmed with the sheer amount of stuff out there.  Hidden landfills, better left unthought of, filled to the brim and sealed with things that may never decompose!  Department stores and Walmarts full of disposable stuff.  Okay, I am getting depressed now so in order to not hit the liquor cabinet this early, I want to think of reusing. Oh man, do we have stuff.  An entire garage of stuff, closets and basement and bedrooms of stuff.  Today, specifically I am thinking of clothes.  Yesterday I took five full bags of clothes … Continue reading Mulching Clothes