We Sold a Goat and Now We’re Out Drinking (a field trip)

The light filters through the vibrant greens of trees in the park across the street through the large windows.  I sit in Jives Coffee Lounge in Old Colorado City admiring its black ceiling, wooden floors, amazing coffee (dark chocolate mocha with cinnamon, ginger, and paprika…died and went to coffee heaven), guitars in the corner, comfy lush chairs, sprites painted across the walls.  Youth reverberates through this neighborhood infusing it with spirit, hope, unlimited potential and dreams.  The rain lets up.  An older artist in painted smock walks down the sidewalk.  I suddenly long for canvas.  The library beckons from the corner and … Continue reading We Sold a Goat and Now We’re Out Drinking (a field trip)

The Screwy Sweet Weekend

Today the weather breaks.  I believe that was our last freeze and cold spell until next autumn.  I hope so.  I plan to get all the summer crops in in the next few days.  We don’t have a long growing season here and we have to hustle once it’s time to plant.  I will go access the damage from the hail, the freeze, the ice storm, and the flooding of the past few days.  Seedlings were ripped out of the smaller beds, the basil is dead, as our some of the tomato starts but I haven’t looked in the greenhouse … Continue reading The Screwy Sweet Weekend

Guess Who Came Home for Christmas!

This farm just hasn’t seemed like a farm lately.  The chickens are still running amok and always hungry, the farm dog is sleeping, the cats are mousing, but something was missing.  We sure missed our goats!  About a month and a half ago they went to see about some men.  We hadn’t a clue what we were looking for regarding heat cycles so Isabelle’s original owner agreed to let the girls stay there and she would make sure they were bred. Goats have a twenty day heat cycle and on the eighteenth day of being at boarding school, Isabelle and … Continue reading Guess Who Came Home for Christmas!

Pondering Goats…and baby pics

One of the most delightful things about spring are the babies!  So sweet and innocent, so new to this world.  The mama in me wants more babies.  Not the human kind; I am happy being a grandma!  But the furry kind.  These are pictures of Nancy’s two new additions to her farm.  The most darling little goats, the size of a poodle.  Besides having new playful kids brightening up her farm, she will also now be in butter, milk, and cheese once again.  This appeals to me. I am allowed to have a goat where I live.  We could finagle … Continue reading Pondering Goats…and baby pics

The Well Behaved Goat

He went from being a cute little guy to something of a nuisance.  Like an oversized six year old, giggling and trying to wrestle, he started pushing me around.  It was unfortunate that my back was against the metal bars of the stall.  I could practically feel the bruises forming!  His horns, thankfully nubs, were happily slamming into my hip as if I were another little boy goat wanting to play.  I could not push him very far, he was definitely stronger than me.  And as I was intermittently yelling for Doug and cussing at the six year old, I … Continue reading The Well Behaved Goat