The Dance of Medicine and Wisdom Keepers…writing my life story


I finished my book.

Two years ago, exactly, I was sitting in my friends’ living room in San Diego.  I loved visiting Lisa and Steve.  Over glasses of wine we discussed future, the spirit world, wisdom, and a book I should write.

“You should write it on the beach!” Lisa suggested.  How lovely that would be.

“I could be on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday!” I exclaimed.

The book came to me in pieces but then our financial stress made me put it away.  It came back in a novel form and I didn’t like it so I put it away.

In many books that I have read, spirits help put ideas into one’s head.  As soon as Lisa died, my book came to me in a torrent of rapid fire typing.  It was finished in two and a half weeks.  It is being edited now.

Living my own life again through writing about it was quite the emotional rollercoaster.  I was faced with being honest about people in my life.  Seeing the truth of matters.  Of reliving abusive situations, of struggle, of triumph, and love.  The lessons that I have learned along the way from my mentors and my friends and the earth have been staggering, and beautiful, and have led me to this place where I am now.  As a healer.

After I finished, I opened a cupboard and a memorial bracelet for my friend, Nancy fell out.  I haven’t seen it in a long time.  I can feel Kat’s presence.  I know that my friends beyond the veil helped me write this book and I hope it will help others, or at the very least, entertain.

This is the book I have been waiting to write.  I already have a book signing scheduled.  I hope to have many more. I am grateful.

The Making of a Medicine Woman coming soon….(still working on a subtitle!)  May 1st.

A Tour of the White Wolf Medicine Shop

Welcome to the White Wolf Medicine Shop.  Please come in for a tour!



The shop has great energy.  The sweet smells of cedar, sweeetgrass, sage, and tobacco fill the air.  Come in for a cup of tea and visit, read the Cherokee language, and follow the circle around the store.






There is a space for classes as well as a space for live music, which we will have this Saturday at our grand opening party.







The center is in the shape of the four directions.  It is filled with medicines ready to custom blend for each individual.  They are placed in their proper direction with notes explaining each direction and its significance.  This shop is intended to be as educational as healing.





This Saturday, the 17th is our celebration.  Tea tastings, live music, an appearance by the White Wolf, kid’s coloring contest, giveaways, door prizes, and more!

796 East Kiowa Ave, Elizabeth, 80107, 303-617-3370


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Peace and Healing