A Love Story

It was a blustery morning that February day.  Two hundred and twenty brave and loving people came through a snow storm to be present at our wedding.  Since we had spent the night at the hotel we didn’t know there was a huge storm going on. Two hours later as everyone was leaving we wondered where everyone was going!  We had a beautiful ceremony where we promised to stay together through sickness and in heath, through richer and poorer, and in good times and bad.  We didn’t really know what that would be like.  We were just excited to be married. We drove … Continue reading A Love Story

Being Set Free (a thrilling week long adventure)

We are strong believers in karma, whatever you put out will come back, usually ten fold, and we watch ourselves pretty closely.  We really try to put out only positive and happy vibes.  So this came as such a shock to us.  We were so friendly, put so much work and money here, why did we lose so much?  It’s laughably ironic that I write about and that we went from so close to self reliance to completely reliant.  Completely.  Reliant. As each thing leaves the house I am saddened as it feels that the memory is lost with it … Continue reading Being Set Free (a thrilling week long adventure)

Valentine Suite

And so there I do see pieces of my soul within you, as if I have known you a million years, and reunited once on this earth, had searched for you since my birth. And so we embarked together raising a family, and thus dreaming up farms and master plans, in your eyes I see joy and fun, our life surely has just begun. Dancing through life and making a home with you is my place, truly, I tell you, nowhere else quite fits,  a sigh of relief in your arms, quite helpless against your charms. Today we celebrate another year of valentines, … Continue reading Valentine Suite