A Poem to Beckon Spring


Three more days of snow predicted.  The wind is howling.  I am in limbo.  Can’t use my new washer because nothing is staying on the clothes line!  Don’t want to chase any more underwear around the yard.  Can’t go planting.  The seeds will blow away.  Can’t let the baby chickies out.  They will freeze their bloomers off!  So, I wrote a little love poem.

Wherefore out thou?

I do search for your lovely face in undressed trees.

I seek out your presence in the dirt, on my knees.

I think I hear you on the waves of sweet birdsong.

I then promise myself it shan’t be too long!

Again I am tricked and so think that you are near,

Run out to see spring flowers that are not yet here.

I am certain you should be at my front screen door

but alas the cold snow comes knocking once more.

My love, come with tulip bouquets and carefree smiles,

with fresh, green grass running for miles.

Oh, Winter Everlasting, please do go.

(We do appreciate your water though.)

We just need sun kisses, rays of delight, warm air, intoxicating scents of lilacs wafting here and there.

Of crabapple flowers dancing on the light breeze, and rain instead of a deep freeze.

All your rainbow color, we shall invite and welcome in.  Spring, you are like our long lost friend.