A Night at Karaoke

The restaurant is dimly lit with people relaxing around the bar and round tables holding drinks and talking to folks around them.  We are at Bistro Al Vino’s on Parker and Orchard.  They boast an impressive wine list and delicious food.  A glass of J.Lohr Syrah and I am ready.  We are waiting for Avery. So are most of the other people in the place.  Karaoke is starting soon.  The stage is lit with dozens of spotlights.  The microphone is erected and the sound is checked in the speakers.  The chatter rises above the sound.  Most of the people are familiar.  Most … Continue reading A Night at Karaoke

A Day in Laramie, Wyoming (travels, microphones, and jail cells)

A road trip is always a fun adventure and we were happy to be headed out on one! The scenery was beautiful as we drove two hours from Aurora to Wyoming.  The beautiful red dirt, ornate rock formations, and green grassy hills set against the mountains were heavenly. Laramie was there before we knew it.  One night at the Best Western was reserved.  We quickly dropped our things off in our rooms and headed back to the car! First stop was Roxie’s for lunch.  They had a terrific menu, and though a little pricey, the food was great.  Our server … Continue reading A Day in Laramie, Wyoming (travels, microphones, and jail cells)