Chicken Mama

I simply cannot wait to hold those babies in my hand.  Those little balls of fluff. As we were losing our rented farm and needing to find someone to live with, we had to give away everything.  I stood outside and watched those chickens be placed head first into crates.  My chickens.  Laverne, Luisa, Ginger, … More Chicken Mama

The Littlest Farmgirl Strikes Again (and choosing backyard chickens)

How does a nearly four year old remember life on a farm so vividly two years ago? “We need to get goats,” she says casually. “We can’t have goats here,” I replied, “but guess what we are getting?” “A cow?” “Uh, no.” “How will we get milk?” she exclaims! “We are getting sheep though.” she … More The Littlest Farmgirl Strikes Again (and choosing backyard chickens)

The Quick Switch

There they went galloping down the neighbor’s driveway when it dawned on me how they were getting out.  We set up boards to block the larger sections of chicken wire.  Apparently a five inch square is all they need to get out.  Smug, we grinned at the baby goats, blew them a kiss, and went … More The Quick Switch