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“Urban Homesteading” Loses Its Trademark



I did not hear about it until yesterday.  I was very proud that my own hometown homesteaders rippled the waters and created action.  The Denver Urban Homesteaders ( fought to have the term “Urban Homesteader” trademark cancelled.  The reasoning being the words are generic and should not be able to be trademarked.

Dozens of facebook sites and other organizations were ordered to cease and desist using the term “Urban Homesteader”.  On November 15th in California a judge cancelled the trademark.  A Denver lawyer/homesteader volunteered his time and costs to fight the battle as urban homesteaders everywhere rallied.

The term “Urban Homesteader” belongs to all of us and we can cheer as we write it valiantly on our facebook pages, websites, and blogs!  We are Urban Homesteaders and proud of it!