Emily Lynn at Twenty


This little girl will forever be our little girl.  She is often mistaken as her sister’s twin, she adores her brother and sister, she is a loyal and generous friend, and an inspiring mother, and forever our baby.


Today our quiet and enchanting youngest child turns twenty.  Hard to believe all of our children are in their twenties now!  (Seems truly that Doug and I were in our twenties but a minute ago.)  I am proud of how this amazing, feisty, fun child has become an amazing, feisty, fun, and elegant young woman.  We are so lucky that we were chosen to be her parents.  That we got to raise this smiley red head.  That she is our baby.  Our life has been so much better because of it.

I have learned so much from this young woman with her wit and strength, her independence and her grace, she is a fine example.  Today I wish my Emily Lynn peace in the chaos of life.  The ability to see past bills, and work, and people, and modern life and see the enchantment and joy of the every day.  To see that everything passes (rather quickly) and to take a moment to breathe in youth, and stars, and flowers, and hiking trails, and that she sees all of her dreams come true.


Happy Birthday Baby Girl.  Dad and I love you soooo much!  I am proud to call you my daughter and friend.

Shyanne Turns 21


For the first year of her life not a human on earth could take that baby off of my hip.  We were inextricably bonded, that little girl and I.  She entered the world with dark curly hair and big blue eyes.  She looked like one of grandma’s antique dolls, all porcelain skin and small.

Shyanne Mae and I never had a fight, she was a really, really good girl.  Always more mature than her age and always sweet and kind.  She brought home nearly dead (and sometimes dead) animals to rehabilitate. She loved her friends and her family with all of her heart.  She asked her third grade teacher out for lunch and shopping.  Fun and spunky, she loved gymnastics and dance and was great at both.  We would take her to bars to sing and she would blow people away.  She was a fun, light hearted girl.  I always called her Pumpkin.  Her dad always called her Cupcake.  Baking up a storm and creating amazing confections (she is starting her own bakery on the side this year) made her nicknames perfect.  Her Indian name is Little Deer which sums up her personality beautifully.

As she became a teenager with her two siblings she began to pull away.  Broke the apron strings, went into the world to become herself.  To find herself.  It broke my heart that she was no longer my little girl so attached to my hip.  But I knew she had to grow up sometime.

One of the most extraordinary things that happened to us this year was Shyanne deciding she wanted to pursue herbalism.  She is not attached to my hip any longer, but our bond is still there, and now we stand side by side working together to help animals and people.  She had grown up into a fine young woman.  One I am very proud of.

Happy 21st Birthday, Shyanne!  May all your wishes come true.

Happy Birthday to the Farmer of My Dreams

There was a man who stole my heart

for awhile we were rarely apart.

He can easily milk goats

on the kittens he dotes

can catch a chicken in the road

chase sheep as the rooster crowed

chopped the wood and moved the hay

“Well have it again!” he likes to say.

Cuddled into his arms is Maryjane

after she is done jumping on him!

Playful and very young at heart

yet contemplative when the lights are dim

a loving father, grandfather, sweet husband too

a lot of things all in one,

but most all, he’s lots of fun!

Happy Birthday, Doug!  Thanks for coming along for the ride.  I hope you get everything you wish for!

Mims at Nineteen

I believe that many folks follow this blog, not just for the farming how-to, but because it has become a saga, a non-fiction novel of sorts!  Our family memoirs.  Y’all watched as the kids went through teen years and became adults.  You were there when our granddaughter was born.  When we were at the top of our game and when we were box and under bridge shopping.  You have been there through it all.  So, I have to share my daughter’s birthday too.  Emily (the marvelous miss mims) is nineteen.  How did my youngest child, with the strawberry blonde ponytail and green eyes and mischievous, delightful personality become nineteen?  She is an amazing mother, a devoted daughter, and anyone that knows this young woman is lucky indeed.  So, happy birthday to my beautiful baby girl.  May this year bring you every happiness and enchantment.

A Pirate Turns 22

Of course my world revolved around him.  How could it not?  That smile captured me, that little face, that personality shining through from the beginning.


He was a great lover of animals and would cry if someone gave him meat.  He thought himself a wolf and ran around with my wolf howling and peeing on trees, howling at sirens, and barking at strangers.  He loved Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee and wore his karate belt (often without anything else on) when he was very small.


Every Saturday night he and I would have a dance and he would have me call the radio station to request his favorite song, “Brick House.”  But he thought it was called “Big Cow” and would sing the lyrics that way.  Still to this day Doug and I cannot hear that song without singing, “She’s a Big…Cow…she’s mighty mighty…”

We sat on the porch eating cookies and watching the sunsets.  We went on hikes all the time and he became a great admirer of nature.  He loved music and instruments and his sisters and was the most fascinating little boy.


As he got older he self studied many topics and thought himself a pirate for a time.  He led Shyanne and Emily on many grand adventures.  He is a compassionate, heartfelt, and talented man.

I am proud of his accomplishments because those are what he set out to do, but what I am really proud of is that he is a faithful friend, a loving uncle, a protective brother, a strong willed, beautiful person, and a great son.

andy and bree

Happy 22nd Birthday to my Andy. Dad and I love you immensely.

The Boy That Stole My Heart

I cannot believe that it was twenty one years ago when I fell in love.  He had curly brown hair and sweet blue eyes that would later turn to green.  He stole my heart instantly.


He was a playful little guy, always up for fun and adventure.  A twinkle in his eye and a wide smile always greeted me in the mornings.  He adored animals.  I had a wolf hybrid at the time that took him in as his own pack.  Andrew was a modern day Mowgli.  He ran about the back yard on all fours, never really learning to crawl, howling at sirens, and yes, peeing on trees.  He would sit on the large dog and jump through windows to get outside with him.  He didn’t care for clothing much and for a stint, while he was two, would only wear a karate belt.  He would mimic Bruce Lee in the living room and then would love to be snuggled and kissed.


He loved his new little sister when she joined the household and then his other sister the following year.  He was extremely protective, and still is, and kind to them.  He certainly had his moments of being a rough and tumble big brother, but that is to be expected.  He was the ring leader of their trio and kept the girls busy outdoors for years until he went off to college.  He developed board games, and hideouts, and hours and hours of make believe fun.


When he was in fifth grade, he thought himself to be a pirate.  A real one.  He got his ear pierced on his upper ear and had a gold hoop.  He wore a bandana.  He was adorable.  He wasn’t trying to be adorable, he was trying to be a pirate.  Andy would get in trouble in school for not reading the required age level books.  He preferred the high school level because that’s where all the pirate books were at.  Treasure Island was his favorite.  When he loves something, he learns everything about it.  So when we went to St. Thomas on a family vacation he had to correct the tour guide respectfully a few times.   This child knew everything about Blackbeard and pirates.  What a great time that was.


As he got older he was interested in youth group, girls (except he was too shy), and writing.  He started making music, and learned eight instruments.  He would walk around town playing his banjo for city workers.  He and the girls were homeschooled and spent a lot of time playing music, writing books, and playing in the park.  He and his future wife would meet when she was six and he eight in the neighborhood, and when she was thirteen and he fifteen they became a couple.  Being the only daughter, her parents did not want her to date so they were off and on for five years until she turned eighteen.  We had moved to a neighboring city four years before and then he moved to Denver for school.  Time nor city could keep them apart.  They are getting married July 5th.


Andrew often calls or texts me.  At 6’1″ he is still my little boy.  He is a talented musician, writer, and performer.  He is still a kind person with a big heart.  I cannot believe the time that has passed since a very tired, barely nineteen year old, caught glimpse of her true love.  A little boy named Andrew.  Happy Birthday Sunshine!