Choosing Farm Animals (no alpacas this time…)

We went over to Sylvia’s farm Sunday afternoon.  The day was warm and sunny and her alpacas were wandering happily about their pens.  Sylvia was a gracious host and went over again everything we would need to know after taking the two alpacas home that she had generously offered us. They are very cute boys.  Buddy is small and fluffy and his friend, Carmello, looks like a camel.  Their fleece is lovely and they didn’t kick me or spit at me.  They did immediately head away from anywhere we were.  That is how alpacas are.  I don’t know if I thought these alpacas … Continue reading Choosing Farm Animals (no alpacas this time…)

Early Babies

Babies do tend to come early.  When the feed store called and said that two of the eleven chicks were in, I panicked a little as we were not ready!  Hastily Doug and I set up the baby nursery in the garage.  We brought home the small package of two ridiculously loud Polish Rock chickens (aka: Top Hats).  They are about three inches tall with a high poof on their heads resembling a fabulous fur hat.  It will grow into a plume of wild white feathers atop a black body.  Very stylish, very comical.  We placed them in the plastic bin … Continue reading Early Babies