Before You Get a Great Pyrenees (or any dog)

He just settled back down to sleep.  7:20, the school bus comes.  He jumps up, the futon shaking, and barks loudly at the small, hooded figures with backpacks, their parents shadily waiting in their cars, probably planning on breaking into our house.  They all disburse, the bus drives away, and Gandalf sleepily settles back down … More Before You Get a Great Pyrenees (or any dog)

The Old, Old Farmdog

I wanted a ferret.  “You do not want a ferret, ” Grandpa exclaimed.  He gave me reasons, but I had tuned him out.  I wanted one. I had just turned twenty-two and still knew everything.  Andrew had just turned three and we had recently lost our wolf hybrid that he identified with and loved.  Andrew … More The Old, Old Farmdog