The Earth Day Prophesy

ice cap

I was going to let this one sink in for awhile longer before- if- I wrote anything about it.  But as I opened my eyes and thought of the date, I realized that we are entering the weekend of celebrating the Earth.

I, along with most of my family, have prophetic dreams.  They scare me.  I see wars and natural disasters and I can see the earth being killed and the consequences.  Now, if I were reading this I might think the author was spouting a bunch of hippie mumbo jumbo and perhaps smoked too much weed last night before dreaming up this scenario.  I am pretty straight laced though and I have had too many dreams come true to discount them entirely.


Remember my beautiful friend, Kat?  I used to, actually I still, call her mom.  She died two years ago this summer.  She came to me last night and we had a lovely conversation.  I miss her so much I cried the whole visit (and of course feel exhausted this morning) but it was so nice to see her.  This is what I wrote in my journal when I woke up:

Kat came to me in a dream.  It was amazing to see her.  I cried the whole time.  How I miss her.  I asked if she could hear me when I talk to her.  Not always when I chit chat just a few words to her but if I call on her she is there and can hear me.  I asked her how it was beyond the veil and she wished that she had more good friends there.  She generally stays around her family that are still alive. 

She said that children from one to three years of age have so much joy, but once they get older than that a sadness descends.  She got excited and asked if I believe in a time of enlightenment.  I thought she meant Jesus coming back and as I was saying yes I believe in a time of enlightenment but not necessarily in Jesus coming back she interrupted and opened up a day timer.  Ice Berg was written on a date and then disappeared like disappearing ink. 

“What date was that?” I asked.

“October 16th,” she said


“The Atlantic,” she replied.  “Stay away from there.”

She was happy because it was going to bring people together and open people’s eyes to saving our beautiful planet.  I didn’t really understand in my dream what she meant.  I had an image of The Titanic.  But as woke up I remembered the ice caps.  I remembered. 

I don’t totally get it.  I thought she had spelled iceberg wrong, but upon looking it up, it was right.  I personally believed that even though we are actively destroying this beautiful earth, that Mother Earth has natural patterns of heating and cooling throughout her existence.  But after this dream, I was shown the truth.  I was told that this could be a huge world disaster.  It will bring people together but with great devastation.  Even if I could completely stop causing damage to the earth, I am only one of billions and I may only halt it for a moment.  We have become so delusional and apathetic.  We think electric cars aren’t energy.  We think that the diesel and water guzzling wind farms are sustainable.  We think we can just recycle everything and it will be okay.  We can eat meat.  We can keep driving.  We honestly have no clue what to do!


Well, for Earth Day this weekend, let’s brainstorm what we can do.  Reply in the comments.  Let’s come up with ideas.  How can we do better? Because there is a damn good chance that we will be taken off the grid altogether and we should be ready.  We should put as much compassion towards the earth that houses us as we do our children.

Perhaps it was only a dream and perhaps October 16th will come and go and nothing will occur but what if…?  We need to make changes, folks.  Starting with me.  Starting with you.  Let’s come together…




How to Clear, Protect, Increase Positive Energy, and Set a Shield with Incense


Whenever you have people over.  Whenever something amazing happens.  Whenever a fight occurs.  All these things leave impressions on the energy of your home.  Have you ever walked into a home, particularly when you are house hunting, and you can feel the energy, good or bad, in the place?  Some shops feel great to be in.  Some homes feel comfortable to be at.  That is the energy.

I think we can all agree that the world we live in is not black and white.  It’s not spiritual realm verses physical realm, but rather a more interspersed and parallel existence we share.  I have people at my house often and I work as a medical intuitive and a medium.  Things can get funny around here.  I had set up a good perimeter around our yard and for a long time it worked, people walking by me could not see me wave, never came in the gate without being invited, they would just walk on by.  Recently I keep getting strange folks coming to the door.  Electronics have been acting weird.  A raven…a raven y’all (not normal)…was cawing so loudly in front of my house it drew me to the porch to see what he wanted.  Then I felt something touch my back.  Time to smudge!

Now traditional smudging is how I was taught but it is not that easy to keep it lit and balance a feather, a lighter, and a shell.  My husband and I have used incense with great success and it is far easier to wield and has a lovely glowing tip which just feels like magic as you swirl the smoke.  Never use just sage to smudge with.  Such a common myth.  You have to combine herbs.  Sage itself opens portals and you will end up with a house full!  We used incense sticks of sage and lavender.

We started in the basement.  He went with the sun (clockwise) and I went with the earth (counter clockwise) around each space muttering to ourselves.  Ask for protection.  Ask that only those that walk in the light remain.  Ask for blessings.  Express gratitude.  Raise the energy so that only love and positivity remains.  We then did the upstairs.  Then we went outside under the ink dark sky and dancing stars with the bright moon leading.  Around the perimeter of the yard we watched the bold red tips of the incense sticks and smoke swirl and permeate the air.  Create a barrier.  Create a force field, if you will.  It is up to you to keep the energy strong and protection in place.  The powers that be will help you when called on but you can’t just say a quick prayer and expect it to be done.  YOU are responsible and truly able to wield the power and wisdom necessary to have a safe haven and a positive energetic space.  The whole universe conspires to help you when you go through the process of raising energy for a purpose.

Some spritzes of witch hazel infused with essential oils like sage, cedar, sandalwood, lavender, rose, and frankincense around doorways and in the air will help set the blessing.

This should be done as often as needed.  You will certainly feel the difference.  It is empowering knowing that there is a way to protect your home and loved ones while cleansing the air and creating a beautiful, comfortable space to dwell.

Walking the Labyrinth

noun: labyrinth; plural noun: labyrinths
  1. 1.
    a complicated irregular network of passages or paths in which it is difficult to find one’s way; a maze.
    a labyrinth of passages and secret chambers”
    synonyms: maze, warren, network, complex, web, entanglement

    “a labyrinth of little streets”
    a complex structure in the inner ear that contains the organs of hearing and balance. It consists of bony cavities (the bony labyrinth ) filled with fluid and lined with sensitive membranes (the membranous labyrinth ).
    I like these descriptions of a labyrinth; a difficult passage and a means of hearing and balance.
    This lovely labyrinth is on the corner of 136 and Pine Ridge in Elizabeth next to the community gardens.  (Take Elizabeth street to the end where it makes you turn left, it is one block down on your left.)  There are no dead ends, it is not a maze, per se, but a lovely curving, rounding, focused trek to the center which is placed strategically upon an energy vortex (which is scientific and geological).

If one stands at the entrance with a question (for all answers are within us already) or intention, one will find as they make your way quietly, contemplatively, through the winding paths that the answer or clarity will be startlingly clear in the center.  Peacefulness surrounds and the day is started much nicer or ended even nicer still by walking the labyrinth.

Wishing you a peaceful day!