Keeping Chickens (glamour, ew, green eggs, and opera singing)

It was my turn to see if there was an egg stuck.  Ew.  If you didn’t read The Embarrassed Chicken and need a laugh, you ought to check it out.  That was Doug’s turn.  So, I found a produce bag because we didn’t have any gloves and went in to see what was the matter.  Oh, the glamours of chicken farming.  There was not an egg stuck but I do not know how far up you are supposed to reach!  Her vent was swollen and she seemed to be clogged but I couldn’t find anything.  So, we stuck her in … Continue reading Keeping Chickens (glamour, ew, green eggs, and opera singing)

The Embarrassed Chicken

Laverne came dancing out of the chicken coop singing her own praises, clucking in operatic form announcing the arrival of her egg.  The other four rolled their eyes.  Big deal, the biggest chicken laid an egg the size of a sparrow’s, they laughed.  But Laverne was unperturbed in her singing and strutting about. These chickens have brought us so much delight since we brought them home a chilly morning last April.  At one day old, the tiny fluffs fit in our palms two at a time.  They were precious and needy and we fretted over them so.  They became teenagers in … Continue reading The Embarrassed Chicken