The Simply Clean Home

Listen, if the baby gets under the cupboard and there is something in there that will kill her, I don’t want it in my house.  What that also means is that anything I use to clean is non-toxic, safe to breathe in, easy on the environment, inexpensive, and effective.  Are you sure it works?  Of course I am sure it works!  I have a zillion animals and a lot of dust.  I cook a lot and like things clean and tidy (for the two seconds they stay that way.)

I use baking soda in place of Ajax-style cleaners.  Put some on a dripping wet rag and smear all over the kitchen sink, the bathtub and tiles, and the bathroom sink.  Now rinse off.  Super shiny!  Add a little bit of tea tree oil to make it disinfectant.  You can also add a drop of castile soap.  I like Dr. Bronner’s.  I tried the discount one and it was oddly oily.

Dr. Bronner’s also cleans dishes but so does a non-toxic dish soap.  Either can be used in a big tub of hot water to clean the floors, walls, cupboards, etc.  A wrung out washcloth with a little soap cleans everything.  A touch of Dr. Bronner’s in the toilet bowl gets it nice and clean.

Once in awhile I will treat my wood with olive oil and lemon essential oil.  It is fabulous.

A touch of vinegar in any mixture disinfects as well.  In a book I just finished, My Life as an Amish Housewife by Lena Yoder (Amazon has it), she mentions adding a 1/2 cup of vinegar to the laundry as a fabric softener.


I love using the clothes line to dry clothes.  I didn’t have a dryer for pry a decade before my adorable puppy started shredding all the clothes on the line and running around the yard with glee, a pair of stockings in his mouth.  I conceded and got a dryer.  I wonder if he is old enough that I can use the line again.  I love the time spent hanging clothes in the sun and the way they feel all warm as I fold them.  As with all chores on the homestead, it is meditative.  Wait until you read about my clothes “washer” below in the links of recipes I am sharing with you from my past blogs.  I am on the lookout for another one!

Conventional cleaners aren’t only poisonous when ingested, they aren’t biodegradable, which means they sit on the surface of waterways around the world, killing everything from microbes to fish and then reentering our water supply again.  Save money, go simple, and enjoy your gleaming house (until the puppy comes back in)!

The Handy Dandy Double Tub Washer (not a lick of rust)

The Clean Green Homestead

The Clean Green Homestead


Spring cleaning time!  Did you know that conventional cleaners are very toxic?  They can cause issues like asthma and even cancer.  They do seep through the skin and are inhaled.  They are also very expensive!  Not only that, but they are very hard on the environment as they never really go away, just go sit in our waterways.  You can save a bundle, and have a really clean, green, and healthy home by making your own cleaning products.  And yes, they work every bit as well as conventional.

Dusting Oil- This makes wood look brand new and super shiny.  The oil does dissipate.

Combine 3 oz. of olive oil and 1 oz. of lemon juice with 30 drops of lemon essential oil (or orange!)  Use an old cloth to apply.  Dust as usual.  Note: I use pieces of old socks.  I just throw the piece into the compost heap and not get oil all over everything in the wash.

Window Cleaner- Make sure you clean windows when the sun is behind the clouds or you will get streaks!

Combine 8 oz. of water and 8 oz. of white vinegar with 10 drops of lime essential oil into a spray bottle.


All purpose Cleaner- Add water to spray bottle first so that it doesn’t bubble over and all the soap is lost!

Combine 14 oz. of water and 2 oz. of Dr. Bronner’s soap with 30 drops of essential oils of your choice

Wood/Floor Cleaner-

Combine 4 oz. of Almond Dr.Bronner’s, 1 T of almond oil, 10 drops of orange essential oil in a container.  Squirt a little bit into a big tub and top with hot water.

Toilet Cleaner-

Toss in baking soda then add vinegar and watch it bubble, bubble.  Add a squirt of Dr.Bronner’s and use a brush to scrub.

Room Spray-

Combine 3 oz. of witch hazel, 1 oz. of water, and 60 drops of essential oil of your choice in a squirt bottle.


Aromatherapy Choices-

Tea Tree- Anti-bacterial, anti-viral, as good as bleach, kills mold, anti-fungal

Citrus (Lemon, Orange, Tangerine, Grapefruit)- Uplifting

Floral (Lavender, Rose, Jasmine)- Romantic

Peppermint or Spearmint- Uplifting

Cinnamon, pine, cedar, clove, or any of your favorite scents make fabulous cleaning products and room sprays.

We use Dr. Bronner’s to clean dishes and laundry.  Borax, washing soda, baking soda, and vinegar are all powerful artillery in the home cleaning arsenal. for cleaning product containers