The Screwy Sweet Weekend

Today the weather breaks.  I believe that was our last freeze and cold spell until next autumn.  I hope so.  I plan to get all the summer crops in in the next few days.  We don’t have a long growing season here and we have to hustle once it’s time to plant.  I will go access the damage from the hail, the freeze, the ice storm, and the flooding of the past few days.  Seedlings were ripped out of the smaller beds, the basil is dead, as our some of the tomato starts but I haven’t looked in the greenhouse … Continue reading The Screwy Sweet Weekend

Single White Female Seeks Single Kind-of-Wild Male (goat)

For a one night stand.  Now, don’t judge.  Girls like to have fun too.  Well, actually this probably won’t be that fun for them but we will be having some darn cute goat kids running around here come spring that will want their bottles and will be inside watching television like Elsa did last April.  It is one of our favorite times of year.  Not only will we be surrounded by adorable babies but we will have fresh milk to enjoy and to make all of my cheeses with.  I will also have enough this year to have a proper milk … Continue reading Single White Female Seeks Single Kind-of-Wild Male (goat)