The Glamorous Life of an Urban Farm Wife (and the realities of death)

I tucked my Christmas pajama bottoms into my bright purple galoshes and tightened the belt of my fuzzy bathrobe that covered my nightgown.  I sighed, mouth askew in a grimace, and pulled my work gloves on while balancing the shovel.  Poised over the dead creature I tried to hold my breath while finagling the blade … More The Glamorous Life of an Urban Farm Wife (and the realities of death)

Farewell Nancy Mae

I know she can hear me… Her eyes closed, pressed into drug induced coma.  The air from the oxygen clashing with the rattling rasp coming from her throat.         The death rattle.  I recognize it. So much I want to say but as I go to speak my words catch and my eyes well and the … More Farewell Nancy Mae

Death and Laughter

I can see her still, pixie sized, with soft blond hair just brushing her shoulders, and compassionate, smiling eyes swirling her wine glass.  I can see her in the vineyards, on the boat watching the whales, in her home watching inspirational television, in her Fiat driving around dressed smartly.  She was one of the wisest women I … More Death and Laughter

Transition, Exhaustion, and God’s Great Canvas

We are moving to our dream house.  This is the scene looking across the goat pens and chicken coop.  It is breathtaking and inspiring. We are so very tired, I’m afraid.  We have been taking loads out to the new house every day along with our regular farmer’s markets, farm chores, and household chores, and … More Transition, Exhaustion, and God’s Great Canvas

Merry Christmas

As a lot of you know, I wanted to be a nun when I was a teenager.  I love the portrayal of nuns in the movie, Trouble With Angels, and I have always liked the nuns I knew growing up.  But, God intended for me to be a wife, mom, and grandma.  Which is great, I … More Merry Christmas