An Ordinary Day on the Farm

A new day.  I breathe in the fresh air with thanksgiving. Today’s to-do list: Pick up granddaughter so she can play at Grammie and Papa’s house while Mama is at work. Dig big holes in four places and plant fruit trees. Check on seedlings.  Move larger pots if they are not getting enough sun. Remove debris from garden.  Five young volunteers are coming Saturday to help me design garden beds. Bottle feed lambs three times today.  Rough work. Take goats for a walk. Spend time with my daughter, Shyanne, who has just moved back home.  It is delightful to have … Continue reading An Ordinary Day on the Farm

Emily at Eighteen (Happy Birthday!)

“Oh Emily, so sweet and true Oh Emily, my love for you extends beyond a thousand miles Will see us through a thousand trials All I see and know to be right, disappear from my sight, as my adoration for you surrounds us like light.” March 1997 1997 2015 Emily at Eighteen, a beautiful sight sweet and kind, a joyous light a stubborn streak, a knowing grin a good friend to seek, a great passion within. And now another from your womb brings even more light to this room And the world spins and I have won with my girls … Continue reading Emily at Eighteen (Happy Birthday!)