The Winter Laundresses

For all you fellow homesteaders out there braving the elements to get fresh clothes on the line in all weather, especially post-snow storm, I salute you.  May summer come round real quick.  In the name of hypothermia, I do believe the other two loads can wait until tomorrow! A glass of wine, sage and white … More The Winter Laundresses

Homestead Spring

The first day of spring might have been in March but around here the first day of spring was yesterday.  The sun shone gloriously from its perch, the air was warm, the lilac and choke cherry leaves are stretching their arms out of their winter cocoons.  It even rained instead of snowed!  Of course I have four … More Homestead Spring

The Handy Dandy Double Tub Washer (not a lick of rust)

Introducing my new…old…handy dandy double tub clothes washer! Let’s back up about three years….”This washer sucks.  It doesn’t even clean anything!”  “That’s cause it’s old,” he replied.  It was old.  It was older than the house we were in.  But I didn’t know any other option. Two years ago my good friend Steve had a washer from … More The Handy Dandy Double Tub Washer (not a lick of rust)