Grammie School

It used to be referred to as “Mommy School”.  That is what Andy used to call it.  He loved workbooks and extra reading.  We loved to visit museums, art galleries, and book stores.  This was when he was five or six.  He would tell his teacher all about Mommy School. But time found us getting busier and I with three little ones and Mommy School was limited.  When after a year of high school and Andy struggling out of lack of interest I decided to homeschool all three of them.  We visited the teacher supply store and went crazy buying workbooks … Continue reading Grammie School

Emily at Eighteen (Happy Birthday!)

“Oh Emily, so sweet and true Oh Emily, my love for you extends beyond a thousand miles Will see us through a thousand trials All I see and know to be right, disappear from my sight, as my adoration for you surrounds us like light.” March 1997 1997 2015 Emily at Eighteen, a beautiful sight sweet and kind, a joyous light a stubborn streak, a knowing grin a good friend to seek, a great passion within. And now another from your womb brings even more light to this room And the world spins and I have won with my girls … Continue reading Emily at Eighteen (Happy Birthday!)

The Life of a Healer- Part 1 (oddities and healings)

I remember that little girl rather clearly though it was many a year ago.  Her name was Wildflower and I can see her now with her wispy brown hair and big blue eyes planting dandelion seeds in a circular pattern in the neighbor’s yard in hopes of creating bountiful yellow meadows on that city block.  Even then, at six years old, Wildflower understood the importance of dandelions and was ever baffled at those who attempted their demise. She was a bit of an odd child, I recall.  She spent most of her time playing alone.  She kept only a few … Continue reading The Life of a Healer- Part 1 (oddities and healings)