Homestead Spring

The first day of spring might have been in March but around here the first day of spring was yesterday.  The sun shone gloriously from its perch, the air was warm, the lilac and choke cherry leaves are stretching their arms out of their winter cocoons.  It even rained instead of snowed!  Of course I have four … More Homestead Spring

The Odd Chick Out

Let’s play a game, “Which one doesn’t belong?”  I think I used to watch that game on Sesame Street.  This game involves small puppet like creatures as well.  The three Cuckoo Marans that I brought home were very tiny and adorable.  The smallest melted my heart from the get go.  She was smaller than the … More The Odd Chick Out

Chicken Roommates

The partying had been going on all night.  It was getting old.  The teenagers had spilled drinks everywhere, were screaming and laughing, and were destroying the place.  The human teenagers determined this had to stop.  It was time to put the chicks outside.  (Daffodil and Daisy) Last year when we decided to get chicks, we … More Chicken Roommates