The Most Sincere Chicken Egg


We live in a little house on a busy street.  We have two lots so it lives big, but we have neighbors, traffic, and street lights.  There are no chickens allowed in the front yard.  They have a large area in the back yard where they have taken over the swing, the lawn chairs, the outdoor dining area, and the fire pit.  They have a large, comfy coop, dogs to play with, laundry to pull off the line, and the back porch to play on and under.  It’s freakin’ Disneyland for chickens back there.  They seem happy enough and we don’t see them attempting to get out all that often.

Wading through the pumpkin patch yesterday to find the perfect pumpkin to roast, I gingerly sifted through the large spiky leaves, and tall grass.  As I lifted a limb of the choke cherry near a large pumpkin leaf, there lay eighteen beautiful eggs.  I stood there a bit dumbfounded.  ‘Could it be a duck?’ I thought.  Far fetched I am sure.  Farm fetched more like it.  Could it be Leo’s chickens across the street?  Robin eggs?  As my mind raced wildly for an explanation I came to the more realistic conclusion that one of the chickens has been out hoeing around the front yard.  I know who it is.  Sophia.  She is as naughty as she is lovely.  I have seen her running around the side yard a few times but thought I had just caught her.  Apparently she loves pumpkin patches as much as I do!


Doug said, “That’s not the Great Pumpkin!  That’s the Great Chicken Egg!”

(Perhaps a little early for Halloween references, but we feel that It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! is a year round classic that should be quoted at will.  I do hope you will indulge your inner child and watch it!)

Araucana Gift


Our nine teenaged girls are becoming old enough to join the ranks of the other six as layers.  We got our first egg from the new set of chickens the other day.  It does look like a robin snuck into the coop and laid an egg.  So adorable and precious.  I would have never guessed that an egg could fit that description!  Thank you, Sophia!