Just Duckie

I think I will just keep the farm animal ball rolling this week.  While we’re at it, let’s talk ducks. Last year I posted some pretty darn cute photos of our ducklings.  They were so soft and added quite a lot of smiles at the Easter dinner table when I let one run across.  Three … More Just Duckie

Chicks and Ducks (the first six weeks and joining the flock)

The mini-quacking from the chicken coop cannot help but bring a smile to my face.  The ducklings are so amazingly adorable.  The chicks are cute running about in hysteria.  Yes, the babies have been moved to the coop with just a little worry on my part.  Last year we were absolutely paranoid when we transferred the … More Chicks and Ducks (the first six weeks and joining the flock)

Walking The Plank

The water was still and unmoved.  No life or death disturbed its surface.  I had ordered them all to walk the plank yesterday after setting up buckets with a few inches of water and a plank.  Doug threw in a little sweet feed for enticement.  I peered over the edge sadistically, with trepidation, and found … More Walking The Plank

The Quick Switch

There they went galloping down the neighbor’s driveway when it dawned on me how they were getting out.  We set up boards to block the larger sections of chicken wire.  Apparently a five inch square is all they need to get out.  Smug, we grinned at the baby goats, blew them a kiss, and went … More The Quick Switch

Chicken Roommates

The partying had been going on all night.  It was getting old.  The teenagers had spilled drinks everywhere, were screaming and laughing, and were destroying the place.  The human teenagers determined this had to stop.  It was time to put the chicks outside.  (Daffodil and Daisy) Last year when we decided to get chicks, we … More Chicken Roommates