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Spookable Halloween Dinner


When I was growing up, my mother loved holidays.  We never had a shortage of construction paper wall décor we kids made for each holiday.  Halloween was filled with door to door trick or treating, and candy I would harbor until Easter. (I always was kind of prepper…)  Handmade costumes, and cardboard decorations made the season fun. We really didn’t have a lot money, ever, when I was growing up.  I can see that now.  Perhaps it was for financial reasons, or perhaps it was for ease, but we only carved one pumpkin.  Each year I would draw out one part, like the eyes, my sister,  Heidi, would choose perhaps the nose, and my brother, Joel, would choose the mouth.  My dad would deftly create our masterpiece.  (Maybe my mom didn’t want us playing with knives…never thought of that.)

When my children were little, we had the construction paper decorations, the dollar store cardboard cutouts, the spooky music and fun.  Another thing I kept in our traditional repertoire was Jack O’ Lantern Hamburgers.  Every Halloween before making our way out the door for tricks and treats, my mom served hamburgers with the cheese melted on in the shape of a jack ‘o lantern.  It was so much fun to see which monster we got!


I put them on veggie burgers each year before the kids set out.  I took it a step further to create vampires, scarecrows, Frankensteins, werewolves, as well as pumpkin faces.


Just use the tip of a knife to cut out the shapes from a slice of American cheese.  Place the cheese on whatever you are cooking (egg sandwiches shown in the picture) during the last few minutes of cooking.

Very spooky!  Deliciously scary!  Happy Haunting!