The End of Summer

The end of summer. ‘Twas yesterday eve that I felt the shift.  The night temperatures would fall much too cold for summer crops.  I gathered my long shawl- orange and reds to match the changing leaves- across my hair and over my shoulders to keep the encroaching dusk chill away and gathered my baskets. Out … More The End of Summer

Autumn in the Air

I felt a chill and knew it’d come he doth snuck in through the night on glided rain through corn stalks stealth a new feel to this dawn light.   Coloring as he made his way green beans wave an aspen gold birds sing brightly from pine perches prepare for winter untold.   Vast pumpkin leaves unfold with … More Autumn in the Air

Autumn’s Face

The chill in the air awakens again A peaceful fog has just rolled in Pull my flannel closer, a warm embrace Take in Autumn’s beautiful face The leaves are donning their new painted cloaks From Wood Vine to the grand old Oaks Sienna, Gold, Crimson, brilliant dresses Trees showing off their bold tresses Warm sun peeks through, shines on my upturned … More Autumn’s Face