Imbolc- Following the Agricultural Calendar

The agricultural calendar has eight farming and community holidays and celebrations making a wheel.  Every six or so weeks is a corresponding holiday that helps denote the time of year and gives us space to receive blessings and to show gratitude.  These holidays are Celtic historically but they are celebrated still.  The first of these holidays … More Imbolc- Following the Agricultural Calendar

The Dance of Medicine and Wisdom Keepers…writing my life story

I finished my book. Two years ago, exactly, I was sitting in my friends’ living room in San Diego.  I loved visiting Lisa and Steve.  Over glasses of wine we discussed future, the spirit world, wisdom, and a book I should write. “You should write it on the beach!” Lisa suggested.  How lovely that would … More The Dance of Medicine and Wisdom Keepers…writing my life story

The Witch Myths

“What exactly do you mean when you say you are a witch?” my cousin asked honestly. True, when one thinks of witches they often think of skyclad or ornately draped women, perhaps on acid, chanting at the moon.  Or of satan worshipers killing bats and tagging walls.  Or perhaps the old Disney witch pops into mind.  … More The Witch Myths

Yuletide Wishes

My granddaughter spent the night.  This morning in the cool of the dark morning I pulled the soft covers up under our chins refusing the late dawn.  The smell of coffee wafted in the door.  The cats purred and stretched.  Bits of light cascaded past the window to announce the winter solstice.  Last night was … More Yuletide Wishes