Five Decorating Elements to Create the Perfect Space (and taking life slow and easy)

When making a bedroom cozy, or a kitchen entertainment friendly, or in this case, setting up a reading nook, there are specific components to decorating a space to consider.  The addition of the following things will create a peaceful, flowing, and delightful space. … Continue reading Five Decorating Elements to Create the Perfect Space (and taking life slow and easy)

Simple Country Christmas Decorating (and the surprise gift)

  This is our simple abode, our little honeymoon apartment while we wait for farm doors to open.  It is charming and cozy.  Using simple additions such as greenery, lights, and candles, plus things that mean something from Christmases past, one can create a lovely place to dwell in the candlelight of Yule. A trip outdoors found fresh air, deer resting in the snow covered grasses, and fresh tips of trees that joined the celebration. Lights are strung across the ceiling, across the door and window, and the candles and greenery are set. But the sweetest gift of the season thus … Continue reading Simple Country Christmas Decorating (and the surprise gift)

Oil Lamps and Sleepy Tea

My friend, Faleena, and I had just discovered that we both shared a love for homesteading and a desire to live with less electricity use.  We both love and have oil lamps that we use in the evenings.  We also joked that we had to turn on the overhead lights in order to find the lamps and the matches! That was over a year ago and we have definitely made vast improvements on our homesteading goals and achievements.  I no longer have to turn on the lights to light the oil lamps!  At dusk each evening we go around the … Continue reading Oil Lamps and Sleepy Tea

Homemade Christmas (and Lip Balm!)

Gifts from the heart.  Or from your homestead.  Or made by the work of your hands.  Or something you devised from the nearest craft store.  A letter.  Let us all strive this year to give each other things of real worth.  Nothing that needs to be dusted or that may end up in a landfill.  Something that touches our hearts, or souls, or our tummies, or that just makes us smile.  Here are some ideas for homemade gifts and a recipe for the best lip balm you will ever try. Use rough yarn, or leftover scraps of yarn to whip up … Continue reading Homemade Christmas (and Lip Balm!)