The Joy of Celebrating Birthdays

Two of my favorite people have birthdays.  Who could have told me the intense connection and recognition of a new soul that I would feel upon seeing the small creature born from my daughter’s womb?  I think I must have known her in a past life, I think I understand her completely.  I am enthralled by her feisty personality, her silent communication (just like her mother’s), and her mischievous smile, in a person two feet tall! Was it really two years ago that I announced her birth?  Our princess, Maryjane Rose, is two years old the 8th.  A tea party … Continue reading The Joy of Celebrating Birthdays

Emily at Eighteen (Happy Birthday!)

“Oh Emily, so sweet and true Oh Emily, my love for you extends beyond a thousand miles Will see us through a thousand trials All I see and know to be right, disappear from my sight, as my adoration for you surrounds us like light.” March 1997 1997 2015 Emily at Eighteen, a beautiful sight sweet and kind, a joyous light a stubborn streak, a knowing grin a good friend to seek, a great passion within. And now another from your womb brings even more light to this room And the world spins and I have won with my girls … Continue reading Emily at Eighteen (Happy Birthday!)

Photo Glimpse of Farm, Family, Life

We went and visited our friends, Lisa, Lance, Brandon, and Brett, on their homestead.  Maryjane is such a little animal lover and horse whisperer already.  Her friend, Tuvia (Lisa and Lance’s grandson) was there to play with her and together they visited with cows, chickens, horses, and dogs.  A farm girl in the works! The aftermath of the cold was sobering but not surprising.  Everything in the cold frame was gone.  I just received this cold frame as a barter for a class so I am still new to it.  Should I have packed it with straw?  Covered it with … Continue reading Photo Glimpse of Farm, Family, Life