A Pirate Turns 22

Of course my world revolved around him.  How could it not?  That smile captured me, that little face, that personality shining through from the beginning. He was a great lover of animals and would cry if someone gave him meat.  He thought himself a wolf and ran around with my wolf howling and peeing on trees, howling at sirens, and barking at strangers.  He loved Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee and wore his karate belt (often without anything else on) when he was very small. Every Saturday night he and I would have a dance and he would have me … Continue reading A Pirate Turns 22

Music Returns to the Homestead

I received something for my birthday today that I have wanted for some time.. music. When we downsized to this little homestead I sold the piano, the violin, and the mandolin.  Andy took his electric guitar, his acoustic guitar, his banjo, and the harmonica.  It was terrible. Now, mind you, I probably would not have set down to play the piano since we moved in, nor would I have had it tuned.  The violin hurt my shoulder, and Doug was never really into the mandolin.  The children moved out and took their music with them leaving our home very quiet … Continue reading Music Returns to the Homestead

A Birthday Wish

Tomorrow the dawn will shine brightly at morn T’will be nineteen years since my daughter was born. Her blue eyes so shine her looks are quite fair her smile ever bright love her wavy hair! Her heart is passionate a love of all so strong A nature girl indeed a love of the wild’s song. One of the sweetest souls I have ever met here My beautiful child, Happy Birthday, my dear! Happy Birthday Shyanne Mae Elizabeth Little Deer Sanders!  My sweet, darling child has become a tremendous, amazing young woman.  Wishing you all you wish for this year and beyond. December … Continue reading A Birthday Wish