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The Cozy Farmhouse


This time of year we are anxiously trying to finish all of our farm chores before winter sets in.  Yesterday we pulled up corn stalks that may as well have been aspen trees.  The tomato plants had grown roots equally as long and did not want to budge either.  We are both a little sore today!  I planted 115 cloves of garlic and 60 bulbs of daffodils and tulips.  We cleared the dead pumpkin vines and will mow the lawn, add compost to overwinter on the beds, and then cover them with straw.  Then we will repeat in the side garden with all the raised beds.  All before we head out on vacation next Friday!

This time of year is our New Year’s.  The season ending.  Food stored away, markets and shows on their final countdown (5), and holidays around the corner.  I have nearly caught up on housework that I was behind on all summer.  Despite the beds that need to be tended, we are slowing down.  We can sleep in a little.  I like to rise with the sun, not beat it by an hour!  We put the chickens up earlier and settle into our chairs at night earlier as the dusk creates a sense of lateness and stillness.  The oil lamps and candles are lit earlier which signals our bodies to slow down and relax.

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Winter is coming and the house feels snug and warm.  We’ll be spending more time here so creating a house that is filled with comfort is my goal as a farm housewife.  I love the feel of a reading nook, a writing corner, a place that positively calls you over to snuggle into the warm blanket provided, with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book.

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I dislike overhead lighting and prefer twinkly lights, candles, and oil lamps.  This creates such a sweet ambience. It makes the space feel enchanted, magical.  Warm fleece, furry, or quilted blankets are thrown across every chair and in the corners of the couch.  There is always a cat within reach to cuddle.  Candles and piles of books cover the coffee table with just room for a cup of strong coffee.  Oil lamps can be moved from side table to side table to create more light for reading.

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Paper and pens, or art supplies could be put out to inspire creativity, magazines laid out for seasonal reading, cookbooks, and library books within easy reach.

Our house is small and with the addition of the furniture from our closed shop, it may appear to be overcrowded, but it is actually just lovely.  Lots of seating provides easy entertaining, comfy places for friends to sit with a glass of wine and hors d’oeurvres strewn across the table.  Laughter fills the candle lit air.

We’ll be celebrating the stillness of winter from our dreaming…writing…drinking…entertaining…relaxing…book reading cozy farmhouse nook.