Aloe Vera (Its miraculous healing ability and surprising flower)

I have been around aloe vera plants my entire life.  I have always had one, my mother and grandmother always had one, my aunts always had one.  Aloe is the staple you will find in any bustling kitchen as it brings immediate and effective healing to burns, cuts, and wounds.  When the baby touched the wood stove on accident a piece of aloe was quickly dispatched, opened, and wrapped on the wound.  It didn’t even blister. My aloe vera plant is something else.  I have never seen such a huge specimen in my life.  All of my previous aloes and those of … Continue reading Aloe Vera (Its miraculous healing ability and surprising flower)

The Medicine in Grandma’s Window

Long before I knew how to make herbal anti-biotics and pain relievers,  long before I could develop diabetes and thyroid medicines, and much longer before I knew that plants had any medicine at all, there was a plant that I knew could heal.  And it was in Grandma’s window. Grandma’s house held such a fascination for me as a child.  It was the quintessential Grandma’s house (and still is) with coffee ever ready in little child sized white cups and cookies in the cookie jar.  The house smelled of cigarette smoke, soil, coffee, and perfume; an unforgettable combination that will … Continue reading The Medicine in Grandma’s Window