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My New Book was just released!

Homestead 101 Cover

The ultimate how-to guide, this entertaining book teaches through whimsical stories how to milk a goat, how to make cheese, how to can, how to garden, how to have chickens, how to make presents, how to do just about anything on an urban farm!

Featherhear Cover

This is my beautiful children’s book that my daughter illustrated.  It is the story of a grandmother and her granddaughter looking for medicine plants and everything they find on the way.  Based on myself and my own granddaughter.

Homesteader's Pharmacy Cover

My best selling book, The Homesteader’s Pharmacy, is filled with all of my original recipes and how-to instructions.  Make your own asthma medicine, your own pain salve, first aid kits, pain relievers, animal medicine, and much more with these tried and true recipes.

Cookbook Cover1

“From Mama’s Kitchen With Love”!  This was written as an homage to my mothers and grandmothers and a love letter to my children.  This tome is filled with delicious recipes from my blog and our own family recipes.  Recipes from my mother’s kitchen and my mother-in-law’s Jewish recipes, stories about my grandmothers and tales of how each recipe came about.  This book is filled with family memories, photographs, and easy recipes.  I hope it becomes a treasure in your home as well!

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