Cuddlewell Mission on Pumpkin Hollow Farm

I have been writing this blog for over seven years now. It surely is amazing how much one can experience and learn in just seven years. We have gone from vegetarian homesteading to raising meat birds to vegan homesteaders! It has been a heartfelt learning lesson. We really love the animals in our care and we do not want to cause any unnecessary or purposeful harm to them. That is why we now have a sanctuary. Any animal that finds us is sure to find a loving home for life. We do eat the eggs our happy chickens produce because they honestly do not care if we take them and it does not change their life one bit. But we no longer consume or produce dairy or meat. We are now having fun in the kitchen whipping up veggie meats and delicious cheeses. We are healthier and happier. Our hearts are lighter, our anxiety is down. It is certainly possible to have a homestead without causing harm to animals. I am sorry for the recipes and how-to’s on this blog during various times during different times. I hope to do better and to inspire others to change the status quo. A life of compassion is the only life worth living. And living a life of compassion on a homestead is the most unbelievably wonderful life of all.