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Hello March, it’s nice to see you.  January and February can be the very hardest time of the year for farmgirls.  We have our gardens, our farms, our animals, our preserving, our home making, our crafting in the fall in anticipation for the holidays, we have our cooking, and our entertaining, and our pleasant fatigue.  Then there is January and February…hello March, it’s nice to see you!  Thank the Lord you’re back!


Even though it is still cold and there is ice on the car and tomorrow it is going to snow, it is March and all things can come anew now, in my mind and in nature.  I have plans!  Oh glorious plans, and guess what?  I figured out a way to make them manifest.  My son texted me yesterday and said he would come help with the fencing.  I found an affordable way to get the outbuildings I wanted.  Yes, my gardens are about to take on some marvelous expansion and changes.


Field fencing is a farmgirl’s friend because it is easy to put up and can be taken down if needed.  I am expanding the chicken yard.  I am fencing off another part of the backyard for a greenhouse, raised beds, and space for a rooster.  Doug isn’t thrilled we have a rooster.  But I think one in seven wasn’t bad!  I also have ducklings on order to pick up in April.  They are honest-to-god worthless (few eggs, eat ten times more than the chickens, are noisy, splash water everywhere), but dang, they are so cute!  The greenhouse will double as night quarters for the trouble makers and Captain the Rooster.  None of them can jump or fly up on things, so plants will be safe and the added humidity from the ducks’ water antics will create a nice space.  (Did I mention my husband doesn’t like ducks either?  I just look at him like I don’t speak English.)


A shed is going up to fit all the yard tools in, which will make room for some outdoor furniture and hanging plants around the back porch.  Listen, y’all, I will do before and after pictures when all this is said and done, but right now it looks like a hundred and fifty pound puppy dug holes to China, ate all the outdoor pillows, destroyed a huge dog bed, and threw some trash around.  (Actually, that is what happened.)


In the front yard, a large archway will have pumpkins and other climbers growing up it.  Add in a few twinkly lights and I will have an enchanted garden for sure.  I have added a couple hundred feet of gardens.  The stalks of the roses are all turning green.


There is a loom downstairs.  I have friends that can show me how to use it.  I have always wanted to learn how to weave.  I painted a box with a lid for my son’s long time girlfriend for Christmas.  It has a dear clasp and longs to be filled with secret treasures.  I painted a scene from a vacation they took on the lid.  I would like to do more of those.  Maybe set up my sewing machine.  Craft ideas come to mind.

Inspiration to farmgirls is like medicine.  Maybe even breath, if I am not being too dramatic here.  What are you inspired to achieve this spring?

The Powerful Healer- Part 1- Mornings, Gratitude, and the Seven Directions Prayer

This week on Dancing With Feathers, I will be writing about different ways each day to regain and maintain good direction, peace, and joy in your daily life. If you are a healer, these are ways to really get strong and balanced.


Healers all look very different.  A mother is surely a healer.  A doctor.  An Acupuncturist.  A friend who is there in time of need.  Then there are different kinds of healers.

I am a medicine keeper.  I had four readings yesterday at the same time.  Two lovely couples drove two and three hours, respectively, to see me.  In my work, I delve into the minds and bodies of those that come to visit me.  I see illnesses, bruises, cancerous cells, heartbreak.  I fall backwards into the past and see violence and abuse and the reason the illnesses came. I delve into the future to see where the path is leading so any words of wisdom that come through me (as opposed to from me) are one with sound guidance for the person’s Divine path.  I see their children, their children’s children, joy, fear, their life.

One reading is tiring, four is…

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Creating a Vision Board

I am so grateful for all of you lovely readers. This is my other blog, Dancing With Feathers. I would like to invite you to sign up to follow it if you are so inclined. It is where I write about my spiritual work and on all things heart centered and encouraging. This was yesterday’s post. My friends and I had so much fun creating these profound boards! Have an amazing day, Friends!


It might look like just a few poster boards, glue sticks, and piles of magazines.  But there is power in deciding, creating, drawing out for the universe, and manifesting what you want your life to look like.  To take that power back!  To not let society or past notions dictate your day to day.

20190106_151647 My beautiful cousin creating.

My friends and I started a group of like-minded women and we meet once a month.  This month for the new moon and beginning of the year we got together to create vision boards.  Tina put out a spread of vegan cheeses, delicious dips, and crackers and Elizabeth brought sparkling apple cider.  Everyone pitched in bringing glue sticks, scissors, markers, and magazines.  We all found spots on tables or on the floor and began to create.  A silence descended for awhile as everyone thought about what they wanted.

20190106_151640 New beginnings for Elizabeth.

That is…

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Living Space Makeover in Poem- Part 1

Oh my, there’s clutter and  everything galore

There are Christmas boxes all over the floor

I have books aplenty and furniture too

I love all my beautiful things, this is true

Vibrant plants fill the places fighting for sun

An inspiration ignited has begun

Trying to find my husband in all this stuff

But getting started here can be kind of tough

So out with the old, the new year rings tonight

And I want my house to be a pretty sight

So we’ll start with a paint can of creamy white

And begin to fill this living space with light

As the promise of bright tomorrow dawns clear

I’ll tone down the clutter, put things away I hold dear, decorate, because that’s what I do

And start the year 2019 anew.

Check back January 2nd for the “After” pictures and post!  Happy New Year!

The Brave and Joyous Path of the Authentic Self

This is from my other, lesser known blog on all things spiritual and enlightening. If you enjoy my writings here, please sign up to follow me on Dancing With Feathers. Wado! (thank you in Cherokee)



Living as our authentic self.  Re-finding our true spirit.  Beyond the “I am’s” and the perceptions, tapping into that inner spirit of self.


So many years or decades of being told by person or society or self what you are.  Who you are.  What you can be (what you can’t be.)  What you should believe (what you shouldn’t believe.)  Of morphing and changing and wrapping ourselves up in layers to appease people.  To make my parents proud.  To be a proper spouse.  To be a good mother or aunt or friend.  It can take years or decades to unravel each layer.


When we no longer follow the religion we once did.  When we can no longer go back to that way of thinking.  We trepidly take off that wrapping around us and peer into the next layer.  Relieved of our wrapping,  we look different to the world around us.



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The History of this Beloved Home (92 years of pumpkins and roses)

All my Farmgirl readers, I am transitioning everything to my newer blog, Today’s post continues a post I did in January on Farmgirl about the history of our new house. Continue following me on Medicinewolf! We have lots to do!

Medicine Wolf

I wish I had been home when they came.  I was at work, but Doug was out front working in the yard.  Two precious elder women got out of their car and stood in front of our house.


“I grew up here,” one of them reminisced.

I wrote on my other blog when we were first moving to this house that I had researched the family that owned this home for seventy-five years until 2000, when it slipped away into a collage of other quick owners and bank possessions.  I knew that a large family lived here in the one main room before the rest was built on in 1952.  I delighted in the names, Elmer, Leslie, Wesley, Dorothy, Ruth, Donelda.  Mama was Jane and daddy was Leslie.    We knew it had been loved for every nook of the yard holds a memory of some sort.  Old fashioned roses held on.  A single lilac clung to…

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The Return of Farmgirl School

That’s right, Folks.  From small town urban farm to prairie homestead to friend’s houses to apartment living while farm dreaming to….our own homestead.  One that we own.  As we approach the four year anniversary of Farmgirl School, how fitting to start it off with a bang.  A new farm.  An urban farm.  Watch as we search, find, purchase, decorate, and turn an ordinary place into a beautiful and inspiring homestead.  Farmgirl School is back.


The Leaf’s Exhale (graceful transition)

Musings from my new blog…

Medicine Wolf


It twirled down and danced across the grass in Grand Jeté.  Glistened by the street lamp, I thought it a tiny bird but its golden splendor curled and stopped among the still green blades, an autumn leaf in exhale.  I envied its vivacity.


I suppose I have allowed myself to fall into the depths of despair this past week, the reason for my lack of writing, it snuck up behind me in shadows.  But, take mercy for I am still recreating the screenplay of my life, or rather a greater hand has taken over direction and I struggle to learn which scene and costume we are in and what my character is.

Once a farmgirl, now a city girl looking for gardens in asphalt and wondering fearfully if this is all meant to be.  “Grow where planted!” I scream over the sirens.

I recognize it from my favorite New York…

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Home; a Tale of Before and After

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Medicine Wolf

I hit the antique stores along south Broadway when I was twelve.  An old Coca Cola tray was my first purchase.  I would redecorate my room and take pictures.  My love affair with decorating began.  One of the greatest compliments I have ever received was from a young woman visiting our home.  She declared that our house looked right out of a magazine.

Each of our homes have been an eclectic blend of travel, passions, and comfortable settings that call to entertain, play games by firelight, or to enjoy a glass of wine with a good book.  And for my entire decorating life cats help fill in the décor.  Our homes have always been warm and inviting, kid proof, and filled with color and fun.  Until we moved into the apartment at the beginning of this year.

Now a strange, hazy memory, the loss of nearly everything we own, along with our…

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