Farewell Nancy Mae

I know she can hear me… Her eyes closed, pressed into drug induced coma.  The air from the oxygen clashing with the rattling rasp coming from her throat.         The death rattle.  I recognize it. So much I want to say but as I go to speak my words catch and my eyes well and the … More Farewell Nancy Mae

Six Years of Farmgirl School (and the adventure continues)

Six years ago today I sat down and wrote my first blog post.  I had just recently heard of blogging.  I was writing regular columns in a few local newspapers but I was excited to take my words onto a bigger scene.  Even if I didn’t get any followers, I would enjoy typing away in the … More Six Years of Farmgirl School (and the adventure continues)

The Beloved Family

There is a very large photograph in Aunt Donna’s basement of her as a young woman, dark hair, slim figure, standing primly in a beauty pageant.  Her forties hair swirled perfectly and her lovely face and smile… my Shyanne looks very much like her. Aunt Donna is my grandma’s sister.  I say ‘is’ even though she … More The Beloved Family

The Tale of a Novel (Cherokee Home)

An artist’s craft does not come from their own mind, but rather from somewhere indescribable.  Authors often talk about when inspiration hits, the dishes pile up, things get set aside, and they just write before it leaves them.  Writers certainly incorporate their own experiences and their own knowledge.  Writers will double check dates, facts, history, … More The Tale of a Novel (Cherokee Home)