Homesteading Oven

“MOM!”  Summoned, I went into the kitchen where Emily, Shyanne, and Shyanne’s boyfriend, Dillon stood fanning the stove after shutting it promptly off.  Shyanne was trying to bake a cake.  I had to admit I noticed something was wrong prior to this with the gas stove but sometimes ignorance is bliss.  It doesn’t light….until four … More Homesteading Oven

Electric Items We Could Live Without (but don’t…yet)

A few days ago I mentioned what electric devices we do not use and don’t miss.  Electricity is tricky.  See, it seemed like a blessing upon its discovery and I am sure in many ways it was, but not without a hefty price.  Electricity and oil, resources that cannot be replaced, have become such a huge part … More Electric Items We Could Live Without (but don’t…yet)

To Go Back in Time…

I wonder what Laura Ingalls Wilder must have felt like at the end of her life.  To have seen the wild west as truly that.  To have only used candles, wood stoves, and root cellars.  Then to watch as electricity took the nation by storm, coffee makers and dishwashers plugged in, refrigerators and stoves.  I … More To Go Back in Time…

The Loveliness of Dark

Driving through the rain last night, the darkness surrounding our vehicle, the only light was glimmering off of storm clouds.  Gentle pattering of rain created a soothing sound in our midst.  A small frog crossed the road in front of us heading toward the creek which is often dry this time of  year.  Frogs crossing the … More The Loveliness of Dark